Friday, January 29, 2010

Color Sketch

Hi I was planning to buy laptop and I never been use before

so I tried one my friends on how it will be comfortable for me

this is my first ruff color sketch on laptop, hope you like it...


  1. Magical ! great lighting & colors.
    btw, you should buy iPad too ;)

  2. Thanks shyam...
    It's great if you will gift ;)

  3. superb work Vinayak!!!!nice flow and rhythm,it's a bold and bindhast we are more hungry to see more work from you,can't wait!!!!!! and I agree with Shyam that you should buy iPad.

  4. I was waiting for you to start Blogging again. Great strokes as usual !

  5. super'bbbbbb man rially wonderfull stroke and coulo

  6. Boy! I came to your blog via Vindo's blog! And glad I did...wonderful work man!

    Great to see the kind of stuff in here!
    Warm wishes!

  7. Thanks Vijay and Vikram sir!!! it's always pleasure
    to read your comments on my work it's help me
    to develop the skills.
    Thanks Ganesh For your appreciation and support.

    Thanks Gulzar your comment is surprise for me THANKS!!!